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About Castit Limited


     Castit Limited was established in 1987. We have developed a complete range of street furniture products with careful attention to engineering specifications to allow the specifier maximum flexibility with their street furniture schemes. Castit design and develop high quality durable products, which are continuously expanding and reacting to market demands. Our brand is synonymous with quality, design, innovation and customer service excellence.

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Siteco – Exterior Lighting

Siteco is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of technical outdoor lighting as well as customer-specific lighting solutions. As an industry leader, Siteco is known for innovation, quality and service within the lighting industry. Our high level of competence within the project sector is a decisive driving-force for innovative technologies, new products and user-oriented solutions.

 Metcraft – Traditional Street Lighting

Metcraft have created over many years of careful design, all our products have come to symbolise everything that’s good about traditional skills.

Each lantern is based on an original design but has the added benefit of using modern technology, bringing designs of the past right up to date in terms of safety, reliability, performance and maintenance.

Metcraft have designed and supplied many outdoor lighting projects throughout the UK and Ireland, including Local Authority schemes, architectural developments, Town Centre refurbishments and restoration projects.

With our capacity to produce equipment from small requirements to local authority street lighting schemes, we are dedicated to supplying the very best in service, quality and value.


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