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September 22, 2008 / Castit Limited

Lighting the future

Siteco begins a new chapter for technical road lighting with the first road luminaire featuring LED technology.

New lighting for new cities

New lighting for new cities

The aim of the development of the DL 10 was to implement LED technology in such a way that it is able to satisfy the demands for the illumination of prestigious squares, roads and city centres in accordance with current standards. The result is impressive. The first Siteco road luminaire incorporating LED technology represents a completely new luminaire generation, combining state-of-the-art lighting technology with visionary LED technology within a correspondingly innovative and functional design.

86 high power LED units with perfectly matched optical systems of various lenses and special reflectors fulfil the DIN EN 13201 road lighting standard. The system has a pleasant white light colour of 4000 Kelvin. The DL 10 in a second variation features an innovative RGB LED optical waveguide system. This sets both the luminaire effectively in scene and its surroundings.

With the DL 10, lighting according to standards for roads and squares according to DIN EN 13201 with a pleasant white light colour can be implemented just as much as effective, coloured accent lighting, and for the first time with one luminaire.


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